At Northwind Farm we pride ourselves on providing a healthy, safe, professional training and boarding facility,  where owners come to be free of the cares of their normal day, and to spend quality time with their equine family. Boarders rest assured that their horses are left in capable, safe, and attentive care in an environment where they can thrive.

Northwind Farm  offers a welcoming environment to horses and riders from diverse skill sets and backgrounds. We take each client goal seriously, whether it is assisting a beginner to master the posting trot  or helping an experienced competitor looking to move up the levels. Here at NWF, our focus is to develop horses and riders in relation to client-specific goals. Our training program is formulated to assist each horse, rider and partnership to reach his or her highest potential and realize those goals.

At NWF we believe that a supportive community that emphasizes honesty, integrity and flexibility is the best environment for learning, and fosters the right space for people to come together as a team. We experience that our farm family is greater than the sum of it’s parts; although NWF caters to an individualized and diverse client goals, each team member’s commitment to learning unifies the  NWF spirit.

 We take our approach to riding and horsemanship seriously and we believe that method is reflected in results. Our commitment to learning is demonstrated by the progress we make. The community members of Northwind Farm share the common characteristics of open-mindedness, humility, desire to learn and willingness to try.  And of course, we all share the enjoyment of a good sense humor! 

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