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     Nelson developed his skills and qualified as a trainer during the many years he spent in England and Germany as a youth and young man.  He completed his initial certifications through the British Horse Society and from there went on to apprentice with and work for some of the most prominent horsemen in England and Germany of that time.

     Nelson emphasizes classical riding methods; that is, seeking ing to develop harmony between horse and rider, bringing out an individual style and technique to enhance balance, feel, and technical ability of the rider while simultaneously increasing obedience, balance, suppleness, and coordination in the horse. Nelson is an active competitor and coach, has competed up through Advanced level in Three Day Eventing, and has coached riders through the CCI ** level. He has experience in course design and course building, and is especially gifted in starting young horses under saddle. His work takes him throughout the US and Canada but his primary focus is the Pacific Northwest and his students here. 

     Many of the youngsters who start their career with Nelson have gone on to qualify and compete in national and international competitions with Nelson as their coach, with several moving on to become professional riders and trainers. Adults who ride with Nelson successfully achieve their riding goals, whether it be through competition or through the joy of enhanced learning and perfecting of riding skills. Nelson inspires confidence, promotes independence, and honors the individuality of the horse and rider. He is an enthusiastic teacher, trainer, coach and friend. 


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Nelson oversees all training operations and strategies, and developing horses and riders for competition success or other worthy goals as established with clients.   

Maggie contributes and supports these efforts by helping riders develop awareness of their own bodies and how they influence the horse, and how awareness of the horse’s movement can support  better understanding of the horse’s psychology and athletic development.

Alexis enjoys passing on knowledge and having her students learn about something she has great passion for.  Alexis knows that riding benefits youngsters especially as a way to build confidence, create a strong work ethic and build value for life.

Together our instructors offer a comprehensive horse and rider training program, founded in integrity, honesty, dedication and sound professional experience.

Alexis began her riding career in Westchester, New York in the 90's as a youngster involved in Eventing and Pony Club.  Alexis works with beginning riders of all ages, teaching them about the importance of partnership with the horse and developing the ability to " stay in the moment' when we are with them.  

    Maggie has been a student of horses and riding for most of her life.  She has had the benefit of working under her husband and coach for 22 years, and with him has had opportunity to study with select great horsemen and horsewomen they have met along the way, some of whom  whom they bring to their farm as clinicians. Maggie is  a longtime practitioner of equine bodywork and a lifetime student of  anatomy, kinesiology and equine psychology.  She has developed the ability to see and understand the interconnection of body dynamics between the horse and the rider.  Maggie now contributes to the farm training program, focusing on helping  riders become more aware of their body and movements as they relate to and influence the movement of the horse and in understanding their horse’s physiology, movement and biomechanic patterns. As a practicing equine bodyworker Maggie can also help riders recognize and address movement compensations before they erupt into bigger problems. Maggie is an active competitor and has competed through Intermediate level in Three Day Eventing. Maggie operates an equine body work practice, and has successfully started and developed several of her own horses through the Eventing levels.

NELSON MITTUCH / head trainer