Apprenticeship programs are one of the best ways to gain necessary experience and education in working with and caring for horses in a boarding and training environment.  These non-paying positions are hard work  and demand commitment, but the benefits are tremendous.  Spending time working with master horsemen and horsewomen in a learning and teaching situation is one of the best experiences for developing skills and mastery. Working student opportunities are not limited to teenagers!  This is a great opportunity for those who worked with horses in their youth to get back in the barn on a more  regular and formal basis.

We  are always looking for good apprentices to join our NWF working student team.  Working students typically  spend  3 to 4 mornings per week at minimum  at the farm assisting in training and horse care activities under Nelson's supervision.  Other options are to work weekends, afternoons or evenings assisting in horse feeding and care operations and learning general barn management with Maggie or Nelson.  If your are interested in learning more, please contact us.

Barn Staff opportunities for stall cleaning and daily feeding and support of barn operations are available from time to time.  If you are an experienced barn hand and interested in joining us, please complete the contact form, including your experience level and at least one reference.  We will get back with you about any opportunities.

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