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Northwind Farm

Adherence to Northwind Farm rules is  required of all farm visitors.  Rules are mandated by our liability insurance , but they also help everyone know expectations and help keep our people and our environment safe. Rules are also posted in the farm office

Additional Barn"housekeeping" information follows below.  We are a fairly large facility, so everyone's cooperation

with these things helps keep us running smoothly and everyone happy

Watering Schedule
Please be respectful of the person watering the arena and coordinate riding accordingly.  Watering is conducted either using the sprinkler or  the flatbed truck, water pump and small diameter fire hose. The whole process takes several hours, and the arena is closed during this period.  We make every effort to avoid busy times in the barn, but sometimes schedules overlap.  Just remember, a well maintained arena is far more pleasant than a dusty dry one, so thank you for your consideration as we work to keep our riding footing in good shape.  Please make every effort to give way to watering. It benefits everyone to keep the footing nice and dust down.

 Manure Dumping and Manure Pile Maintenance

Some of you like to tidy your stalls when you visit your horse, I know its something I enjoy doing myself.  This is completely fine, but when you do so, we ask that you transport the manure to the top of the manure pile. DO NOT dump manure directly off of the barn isle or against the side of the barn.  It takes ridiculous effort for someone else (usually Nelson)  to have to pick up your dumped manure and move it to the top of the pile. The tractor cannot get close to the barn, and every time we have to use the bucket of the tractor on the gravel track accessing the manure pile we undo hours of work we've  put in trying to maintain the integrity and mud proofing of that road.  Wheel or carry your manure up to the top of the manure pile. Every time, please.

 Sweeping up After Yourself

Our great feeder spend a lot of time caring for your horses and sweeping aisle ways, grooming stalls, feed rooms, hay areas  and generally tidying the barn after each feed.  PLEASE do your part and sweep up after yourself and your horse. This includes in the grooming stalls, in the aisle ways, in the tack rooms, or any place you or your horse might leave debris.  It is best to clean up immediately after tacking up, before you leave the grooming area, so that the space is in good shape for the next rider and so that you don’t forget!   

 Cross Tie/Wash Rack Area

Please do not leave any gear, blankets, saddle pads, boots, whips, grooming buckets, bathing supplies, towels, etc, in the grooming and wash stall area.   Stow your gear before you leave.

 No Helping Yourself to Feed or Bedding – Check with Us
This is a standard rule in most barns, and we are no exception.  Please do not help yourself to hay, feed, or bedding without express permission from Nelson or Maggie.  If you are concerned that your horse is not getting enough at feeding time please feel welcome to speak with Nelson directly as we are happy to address a solution with you. But when owners free feed hay or other feed it becomes impossible to manage good care on a number of levels.  I won’t go in to all the reasons here, but if you wish to know them I’m happy to have a discussion with you on all the whys and why nots.

Stay on Top of Your Own Feed Levels
Many owners provide their own supplements and/or supplemental feed for their horses.  It is the owner’s responsibility to stay on top of their supply and refresh it as needed.  Our feeders will feed what is in the barn but cannot be expected to message individual owners when their feed levels are low. 

Think Like SmartPak- Baggy Up Complicated Feeds/Supplements

If your horse is on several supplements or multiple feed types and supplements, we ask that you take some time to pre-bag your rations as a help to our feeders.  The feeders will recycle your baggies so that you can reuse them.  Baggy up a week at a time if possible and label the baggies so that feeders can have an easier time and you can make sure your compilation of desired stuff gets delivered as you wish.