Our training program is based on classical horsemanship; the art of riding in harmony with, rather than against the horse.  Our approach recognizes that learning and development of a horse or rider is a cumulative process. It takes time, commitment, consistency, persistence and patience.  We promote and teach the continual refinements and perfecting of riding skills and of the development of the horse. And we always keep the horse’s welfare forefront.

We follow an approach to training that is systematic and at the same time flexible, recognizing that learning does not progress in a straight line.  We offer proven training methods that are fair, consistent and grounded in fundamental respect for the horse and for the rider. 

Our methods improve the confidence level and trust of the horse and the rider and support the development of athleticism and skills on the flat and over fences. Our riders improve their skills in both horsemanship and sportsmanship.

NWF creates an environment for horse and rider partnerships to accomplish their  goals and realize their own greatest potential, whether it be in the show ring, the event field or riding for pleasure.

We offer training services for horse- starting young horses, re-schooling horses who have not had the best start, progressing horses towards their next level. 

NWF provides training and coaching for riders- teaching beginning riders the essential foundations and basic skills on safe and well trained school horses, developing riders who are moving forward in their education, progressing through jumping or dressage—with or without a goal of performing in formal shows, and  competitive riders moving up the competition ranks.

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